What is the capacity for the Pavilion?

200 people

How do I get information about Special Events?

Visit our Contact Us page for special events questions.

How do I know if my proposed date for the event is available?

Please visit our Contact Us page with your proposed dates and we will contact you with availability.

What happens if it rains on the day of my wedding and I have an outside ceremony?

We will move the nuptials to an inside area, most commonly the Pavilion, and resume the reception in the desired area or Pavilion.

Are there ever more than one wedding booked on the same day?

No, we book one wedding a day to ensure full access to all the facilities for your wedding.

How long can the ceremony commence if we book it on the Golf course?

The allotted time for a course nuptial is 30 minutes.

How long do we have to remove any decor, large gift items, and other personal wedding effects?

Chimera Golf course requires you take any decor or personal gifts and items the evening of your wedding.  In the event there is a large item that needs special transportation we allot 24 hrs to remove it.

If I need to cancel is my deposit refundable?

No the deposit is non refundable, but is applied to the overall contract bill for the event.

Can I book only a ceremony at Chimera Golf Club?

Yes this is possible, please inquire with our Event Director on the policies and procedures for a ceremony only event.

What type of parties does Chimera Golf Club coordinate?

We accommodate all types of events please refer to the Pavilion website for detailed information on all parties www.pavilioncgc.chimeragolfclub.com